Interactives for Cognitive Stimulation

I’m excited about this new interactive called Constructibles. My client really enjoyed putting together this artistic “sculpture”.  The colors and patterns keep the mind intrigued and activated. I’m always on the look out for new interactives like this and it makes me so happy and excited when I find something that works well, even if just occasionally.  There were some difficulties at first with eye-hand coordination connecting the pieces, however by the end she was getting the hang of it on her own without my guidance.  Sometimes during the activity she couldn’t decide where to put a piece so I would just make a suggestion. The key is to keep things flowing and low stress. There’s no need to overthink any activity that you are trying to engage in with your loved one. It is natural and to be expected that their mind and thought process will shift in different directions, so any amount of congruency and focus you can achieve together is a great moment of cognitive stimulation.  You can’t force a certain outcome or push interest in an activity. You can gently nudge and even start the activity yourself to see if they will join in but you will be able to gauge within a few minutes whether to move on to something else or keep going. My motto is always Go with the Flow

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19 thoughts on “Interactives for Cognitive Stimulation

  1. ‘There’s no need to overthink any activity that you are trying to engage in with your loved one.’
    I concur 100%! This well written post hits on the undulation of working with memory care. Essentially, the common attributes we either implement or receive in daily life (e.g. forcing, directing, order execution, e.g. et. al) do not apply when coordinating care of Alzheimer’s. As said herein, ‘Flow’ and going along with it, is no longer a saying.

    Well done.

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