Alzheimer’s & Dementia: Tips, Tools and Community Support for Everyone

I have recently developed my own style of cognitive and sensory stimulation activity centers named Imagination Stations!  I am currently forming group activity sessions called Imagination Parties as well as informational workshops and caregiver support groups by donation at local parks and community centers. I will work diligently on transforming this company into a non-profit over the next year. Check the EVENTS tab for more details. 

Welcome! Thank you for visiting Memory Moments, a website dedicated to
building a collection of helpful resources and product reviews for anyone looking for help with cognitive and recreational activities to provide to their loved one. Specifically, this site is focused on helping the Alzheimer’s and Dementia population and their caregivers, friends and family. 
Successful Cognitive Stimulation is different for everyone.
There are many different ways that cognitive decline can present itself and severity can ebb and flow throughout progression of the condition. This can make it difficult to know when and how to interact with someone in this position at any given time. This is why it is important to have a toolbox available at your disposal that can allow you to interact with this person at identifiably opportune times.
The goal is understanding how to make the most of the good moments
by sparking creativity, critical thinking and memories, not only for your loved one, but for you as well! In this way, we are interacting, enjoying time together and making even more treasured memories in the present moment.
The goal here is to provide suggestions and demonstrations of flexible activities, games and conversation starters that you can use to make memorable interactions with your loved one no matter what state or stage they are presenting. 

Just a small sample of what’s in my daily toolbox
I always bring a wide selection of activities to engage with clients. Everyday and hour is different and it’s hard to know what will spark your loved one’s interest and cognitive ability at any given time.

Some of the contents of my Professional “Toolbox” for cognitive stimulation with clients
The path to making memories is different for everyone.